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Do you want to have your promos under control and in real time?
You can have control and all information in real time in any device.   You will be able to see how many pharmacies are involved in promo and winners and losers product, sales reps, issues, cashback, gifts evolution and expenses situation versus budget.
Your sales reps will have access to their pharmacies status before to do visit.
  Yo will be able to be in contact permanently with your clients through different channels of communication, SMS, washap, live chat.   Platform allows you to download legal basis and final arts of the promo including history of promo results.   Pharmacies will be able to access at their own space within the platform to manage their participation.   And final consumer module will allow you to do any promo to final consumer, lottery, cashback, direct gift, free buy, etc.   From Priopcion we take care of everything, legal basis, notary, lottery, production and distribution of PLV, gifts, call center, promoters, assemblers, etc, with the target that you be focused on results

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