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Success cases

Success cases

Company of food sector specialized in sweets, chocolates and and nuts

Production of PLV material for point of sales actions

Support for promotions in social media and point of sales

Flexible solutions customized in different ways depending target

Success cases

Retail group with more than 730 supermarkets

Priopcion is member of partners group involved in production, offers, loyalty actions and shipments management

Success cases

Toys and Games multinational

Management of promotion for Christmas period through our platform Priopcion promo including multichannel customer services and PLV production allowing a 360 control from Marketing Dep.

Success cases

Pharmaceutical multinational

Digitization of all promos through our platform Priopcion Lab

Marketing and Finance deps had all information available in real time

Target of cost reduction and promotion close in one month were got

Success cases

French laboratory of cosmetic premium

Creation of an own on line space exclusive for pharmacies participation in all promos

New functionalities in Priopcion Lab requested by client automating selfmanagement

High reduction number of incidents improving pharmacies participation

Success cases

Purchase central with more than 6.200 point of sales in Spain

Development and implementation of a promotion for families with a target to increase purchase frequency, medium ticket, built consumers loyalty through gifts got from agreements with Hasbro

Priopcion was in charge of everything, PLV production, distribution to shops based on space, implementation. Implementation was done in a record time having central all information in real time

Success cases

Retail group with more than 730 supermarkets

Product selection of premium brands with exclusive articles for sell out promotions in supermarkets

FSDU production and fill in with all products delivering to each super empowering sale by impulse

Success cases

Company specialized in production and distribution of prebaked bread and frozen pastries

Priopcion manage storage, picking and distribution of all promotional graphic material and PLV

Customized platform on line to manage orders, storage and distribution of all these materials

Success cases

Toys multinational

Consumers services through our call center

On line platform to consult incidents

Management of spare parts for consumers

Production and distribution of PLV for promotions

Production and special reworks as requested

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